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CBD oil benefits for people

CBD Oil FAQ Section

Most asked questions regarding CBD oil.

How much should I take?

When introducing any new food or food supplement into your diet we would always recommend starting slowly. Our oil is very concentrated (10%) so each 1ml equals 100mg of CBD + other cannabinoids and terpines. 1 drop of recoveryCBD oil contains 5mg of CBD. Everyone is different and some people find they need more initially to achieve the desired result. 

Will Hemp derived CBD get me "stoned"?

No. While all our products do contain trace amounts of THC  (<0.2%) CBD is described as being non-psychoactive. Some people report an initial feeling of natural tiredness. If that is the case we recommend that you do not drive or operate any heavy machinery and adjust the dose in future.

Are CBD/Hemp products legal in Ireland and the EU?     

Yes, all our products are either a food supplement, or in the case of the hemp shots a complete food. The use of which is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or medicate any illness.

Whats the difference between Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis?

Both hemp and marijuana are part of the cannabis family. For a cannabis plant to be called hemp it needs to have below 0.2% THC content and similarly for a cannabis plant to be called marijuana is needs to have more than 0.2% THC content.

If I take CBD oil will it show in a drug test?

Trace amounts of THC the element of the plant that a cannabis drug test tests for, may or may not show in a drug test and can give what is known as a 'false positive' subject to the sensitivity of the test. You are ultimately responsible for what you choose to put into your body so we always advise to do your own research and act with caution.

What do we mean by Full Spectrum Extract?

By Full Spectrum Extract, we mean to say we only use the flower of specially grown CBD rich cannabis plants, as opposed to CBD Isolate. Isolate means CBD may be extracted from the root, stem or stalk of the plant.

Are the plants used in your products organically grown?

Yes of course! Whether grown here in Ireland or from our suppliers within the EU - No pesticides, herbicides, growth enhancers are used in the cultivation of our plants all of which are non-GMO. We care about what we put in our bodies.

What extraction method of extraction is used to obtain the oil?

We use a high pressure low temperature method of extracting our oil. By using this it ensures that all the beneficial cannabinoids of the plant and its terpine profile are retained. It is the most modern and cleanest method of extraction without using any harmful chemicals or solvents.

What about shipping?

We ship our oils, creams, tea and hemp juice powder both nationally and internationaly. Due to the nature of the frozen hemp shots we only offer national overnight delivery or local collection. We use tracked overnight services from DPD for national and international deliveries.