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Cannabis research in ireland


Cannabis Medical Research

Cannabis Research

At Recovery CBD we are committed to the advancement of Cannabis as a therapeutic natural way of healing. In addition to all the private research that is currently being done, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel all have Government funded studies. The results of which we will be keeping you informed of on our blog. 

Israel has being studying the benefits of medical cannabis for over 50 years and has being made available on prescription for 40 years. From 1850 to 1936, Cannabis was used as the primary medicine for more than 100 separate illnesses and/or diseases in the US.

CBD Research

Ashley Richardson, our research co-ordinator and customer liaison person, will be working with various interested groups and reporting their experiences using our CBD. We will also be working with some veterinary specialists in the pet care space and will report their findings as they conclude their research

Ashley Richardson

BSc Hons Applied Psychology

CBD Research Team

Ashley obtained her Honours degree in applied psychology in 2013. These
skills have enabled her to carry out both qualitative and quantitative
research into the benefits of CBD and of the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.


 If you are part of a group and think that RecoveryCBD could be of benefit then please get in touch with us to discuss available options.

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