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CBD Tea Special Edition (White Moose Cafe)

Common price: €20,00 Our price: €15,00 each

White Moose Cafe CBD Tea

as seen on the White Moose Snapchat!

Sometimes we all need to sit back and chill out with a cup of tea. So why not Chill the Feck out and enjoy our refreshing, mood-enhancing CBD Tea? Delivered to your door, one bag of our Chill the Feck Out CDB Tea is sold in loose leaves (so you will need a strainer or a tea infuser) and makes aproximately 40 cups. Use very hot, but not just-boiled water - maybe boil the kettle and leave standing for 1 minute. Use 1 tea spoon per standard-sized cup. Brew for 5 minutes, sit back, relax, and chill the feck out with friends!

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